Victorian Frontage 

This is my favourite style of house, the Victorian terrace. I LOVE the bay window and doorway detail. Even prettier with foliage! 

Image from Pinterest


Another Book Recommendation

This book is awesome. If you watch the GIDC on TV, you will especially love it. Loads of ideas, tips, case studies, moving through the house and different types of period homes we find throughout the UK with the opportunity to explore your style. I tend to lean towards clean, simple, natural, Scandi, and I love, love LOVE old world colonial (i.e. Shutters, maps, old trunks, wicker chairs) with lots of plants… 

Shop Around 

There are constant adverts on tv at the moment for those big bed showrooms like Bensons for Beds, Dreams and others, but Next has a really lovely selection. I really like this one that I got a photo of last weekend, and they will even custom paint the frame to match your own requirements! Always good to see what else is out there without going for the obvious.